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Study Center Library Policy Agreement

In order to use the UC Rome Library and Online Library Catalogue System (OLCS) you must sign a form indicating that you agree to adhere to the Library Policy. The library operates from Monday to Thursday, 11 am to 4:30 pm.


There is no eating, drinking, talking, removal of footwear, or sleeping in the library area. You may do these things (that is, everything except removing your footwear) in the study lounge upstairs, but not in the library.

Borrowing Items (check-out)

You may check out up to five (5) items at one time. The same applies when reserving books through the OLCS, you may only reserve up to five at a time. You must check out your books with the library wardens; DVDs should be checked out at the front desk.

Returning Items (check-in)

Items must be returned 3 days after they are checked out. For example, if you check out an item on Monday, it is due Wednesday. If you check out an item on Thursday, it is due the following Monday. You will be told which day your item is due when you check it out, and you will be able to check the due date online as well. If the due date of your item falls on a holiday when the Study Center is closed, then it is due the next day that the Study Center is open. To check your items in, you must hand them to a staff member at the front desk. Leaving items unattended on a table, even if staff members are present, does not constitute checking them in, and you will be charged a late fee until the item(s) is located.

Reserving Items

You can use the OLCS to reserve items online. Once you have reserved an item, you have until closing time to pick it up. If you do not pick up the item by then, it is no longer reserved and another borrower can check it out. If you reserve an item that is checked out, it will be held from the time it is checked in by the other borrower until the Study Center closes for the day. You should check the status of the item on the OLCS.


Checked-out items can only be renewed only on the date they are due. This means that they cannot be renewed on the same day that they have been checked out, nor can they be renewed after 5 pm (the time that they are due) on the date they are due. You can renew your checked-out items online only through the renew function of the OLCS. It is not possible to renew an item that has been reserved by another borrower or if you have outstanding fees and/or overdue items. You may renew the same item a maximum of 3 times, after that, you'll need to physically bring it back to the Study Center in order to check it out again.

Late fees

UC Rome will impose a late fee of € 3 per day, for each item that is late. Late fees begin at 5 pm the date the item(s) is due. Late fees must be paid at the time you return your overdue items and you will not be permitted to check out additional items until they have been settled.

Accessing Restricted Content

Due to the limited amount of English-language resources in Rome, all UC students are encouraged to make use of the restricted content available through all UC campus library websites. In order to access the California Digital library, please see here. We also have extensive course materials available to you on each course's web page.