Python I

Instructor: TBD
Disciplines: Computer Science

This course introduces fundamental coding concepts through the use of the Python programming language. Python is a general-purpose language, and thus it can be used for a wide range of tasks, including web development, software development, and data analysis. Its simple and concise syntax makes it easy to comprehend, therefore Python is particularly suitable for first-time coders. Furthermore, it has a large standard library and a collection of additional modules, which have strongly favored the spread of the language, making it one of the most popular coding languages.

The course will start with a brief introduction to computers and programming, aimed at explaining the main characteristics of a high-level programming language. It will then delve into the fundamental constructs of coding using Python, i.e. basic datatypes, variables, assignments, expressions, branching, looping statements, and functions, as well as some more advanced topics like definition and usage of lists and dictionaries. Special attention will be also given to important skills such as problem decomposition and data type design. 

Students will practice extensively with Python, through hands-on computer work using standard Python editors and programming environments. The skills acquired will enable them to write Python programs through the use of the constructs and data structures introduced in the lectures. 

This course will also offer the basis needed for more advanced courses for those students who are interested in continuing their investigations into programming.


  • Midterm exam
  • Final exam