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Introduction to Photography: Theory and Practice

This course is lower division.

Instructor: Dr. Guido Petruccioli [see profile]
Disciplines: Film & Media Studies

The high level of automation and simplicity of use that camera equipment reached in the past decade made photography a daily ritual for many, transforming the way in which we produce and consume digital images. As any other forms of communication though, photography is founded on a vocabulary, a grammar and a syntax, arranged to fit themes, genres and styles.

This course introduces students to photography as deliberate and thoughtful expression of ideas in theory and practice. Through the writings of art critics and art historians, as well as the photographs of great masters, with an emphasis on the Italian artistic community, this course will trace the development, trajectory and future of photography. Weekly assignments in the field consist of small photographic projects themed after topics discussed in class; the city of Rome, with her unique genius loci and social and urban complexity, is the ideal setting. There are no technological requirements: students will learn how to make the best out of whatever photographic medium of choice.

Site visits include the Photography Museums in Trastevere and Testaccio, the Istituto Centrale Catalogo e Documentazione (ICCD), as well as visits to temporary exhibitions in Rome.


  • Weekly assignments 
  • Midterm exam 
  • Final project 
  • Final exam