Intermediate Italian Practicum

In this three-week intensive course, subsequent to review of basic grammatical structures in Italian, students work with advanced verb tenses such as compound conditional, the pluperfect, and the future perfect, and complex idioms. Emphasis is placed on practical skills in using Italian grammar, vocabulary, and idioms in depth. Students complete daily written assignments, either in class or at home and are required to make use of newly learned grammatical skills to interact with native speakers in everyday urban life. At least one hour per day is devoted to role play both to further reinforce the use of Italian grammar and vocabulary within the context of Rome and the experience of the city. Italian folk and popular music are also used to enhance students' interaction with Italian culture and history. The course is conducted entirely in Italian. The final grade is based on three written tests and three oral examinations.

Texts include: Magari! + Oxford Italian Grammar + Exercise Workbook

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