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Politics & History of Modern Italy

Instructor: Prof. Martin [ see profile ]
Disciplines: History, Political Science

This course provides a core of knowledge of Italy’s post-unification history, grounding students in the political, economic, and social development of the country. Commencing with the nation-state’s formation, the analysis of issues surrounding Italy’s early identity, society, and political structures will reveal many of the problems that subsequent regimes have sought to address. Within a detailed examination of the politics of Fascist Italy, the First Republic, and post-Tangentopoli periods that follow, significant attention is also given to mass culture and what it reveals about each period.

Based on lectures and structured in-class discussion of assigned readings, the country’s political development is also established through the analysis of documents such as the 1929 Lateran Accords, the 1947 Constitution, and, most recently, the Five Star Movement’s manifesto. Classes also include the use of video material and site visits within Rome.


  • a midterm exam
  • a final exam
  • a research paper (8-10 pages)